This area´s model is based on the european  business containers  and its goal is to provide primary asistance  to the enterprises alredy graduated from the business incubator to allow them starting up the productive phase.
There are four containers, 200 sqm each, where entrepreneurs should build their own premises (offices, laboratories, bathroom fittings and/or locker room) according to the companies´ economic activity and their functional needs.  It can also be added auxiliary facilities outside the containers  but keeping the building characteristics stated by the Technology Park Corporation.
The companies can stay at the containers  for 5 years, once this period is over and they are not only  economically  and technically stable  but also willing  to continue in the scientific and technological environment, they can ask for plots to establish their own buildings at the Technology Park. 

Manager: Dr. Amadeo Cellino
Phone: +54 (342) 4511546/7 – Extension 1402